Welcome to STEER’s Application Development Centre for Food Applications. Our dedicated facility is designed to support you in the development and optimization of food applications using cutting-edge extrusion technology. With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we are committed in helping you innovate high-quality food products.

Key Features

  • Expert Guidance :  With the team of top notch industrial experts, STEER guides you through the application development process, providing technical insights , innovative ideas and industry best practices.


  • State of Art Facilities: STEER has its Application development centres in India, USA, China and Japan. All these ADC’s are equipped with advanced twin screw extruders capable of handling a wide range of food materials. With this capability , we can simulate and optimize the extrusion process to achieve desired product attributes such as texture, colour, flavour , shapes and nutritional profile.


  • Process Innovation and Optimization: STEER utilizes advanced analytical techniques and sensory evaluation to ensure your food products meet the highest standards of taste, texture and nutritional value.


  • Customized formulation and development: STEER offers custom formulations, tailoring ingredient combinations, processing parameters and extrusion conditions to create products that align with your desired characteristics.


  • Confidentiality and Intellectual Property Protection: STEER understands the importance of confidentiality and IP protection . Hence, STEER works under non disclosure agreements to safeguard your proprietary formulations and processes.


Protein Texturization

Expanded products
Cereals and Snacks

Modified Flours and starches

Notable Achievements

  • Conversion of age-old batch process to continuous production process through our Twin-Screw Extruder – Enzymatic reaction extrusion
  • Hydrolysis of flours – Production of Hydrolyzed Rice Flour for many functional benefits
  • Soy Processing – Oil extraction at higher capacity
  • Crystallization of Sorbitol – At higher capacity for easy transportation

New idea, New Product?

Transform your new ideas into innovative products with our cutting-edge technology and extensive expertise. Make your vision a reality by leveraging our resources and experience.

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