• High performance serve drive for stable torque
  • Screw speed up to 1200
  • Compact gearbox with torque density 11Nm/cm3
  • Maximum torque – 12Nm/shaft
  • End to end complete package starting from feeder to pelletiser
  • High Level of equipment flexibility
  • STER Proprietary FLP, FGT screw technology
  • Building block type Barrel Configuration
  • Side feeding capability
  • Safety features for equipment and operator
  • 50% more efficient temperature control
  • Superior abrasion and corrosion resistant screw elements and liner MOC


  • High free volume Do/Di 1.71
  • No of quick trials in shorter time, lesser input quantity
  • Low development cost per batch
  • Small effort, greater results
  • Easier, efficient scale-up
  • Capability of producing multiple applications
  • FGT,FLP screw elements for Energy efficient performance
  • Easy handling and minimal effort during change overs/cleaning
  • Minimal material wastage
  • Optimal price to performance ratio


  • Smaller all round compounder
  • Agile compact compounder for smaller workspace
  • User friendly and great features, control system
  • Quick remote support on control system enhancement, trouble shooting


  • Reinforced engineering polymer materials Nylon 6, PC, PEEk
  • Nano Materials: CNT, Graphene
  • Anti Microbial additive
  • Bio Polymers

Specifications Omega & Mega Lab 12

Extruder TypeSpecificationDescription
Barrel Diameter (D)13.2 mm/13.2 mm
Screw Diameter Do)12.9 mm/12.7 mm
Minor Diameter (Di)7.54 mm/8mm
Centre distance (CD)1.71/1.55
Ratio Do/Di10.5 mm
Ration L/D48Tie bar building block type design
Screw Speed (max)1200 RPM
Main Motor4 kW, 138 VAC, 3 Phase, 167 HzServo Motor – Panasonic make/TEFC motor
Motor Drive ControllerAC Variable Speed DrivePanasonic
Gear BoxSTEER Make1: 1.25 Ratio
Maximum Nominal Operating Torque Maximum 12 Nm/shaft
Maximum Specific Torque Maximum 11 Nm/cm3
CouplingFlexible coupling
Screw shaftSpecial treated Splined shaftCorrosion resistant
Centre Height~1100 mm
Number of ZonesEach barrel is operated as an independently controlled zone with heating and cooling. Feed barrel-cool only.
Barrel TemperatureUp to 350 Deg C
Barrel Cooling Unit (TCU)Heat exchanger ~2TR
Solenoid ValvesFor each barrelASCO make
Side FeederMax 2
Volumetric feederMicro feeder with AgitatorWith speed control
Barrel Liner – MOCCR2Barrel Casing – P20 Stainless Steel
Screw element MOCCR4MFor abrasion and corrosion
Operator ControlsOption available
Melt Pressure/TemperatureCombined with melt pressure transducerDynisco make
Vacuum Devol PumpOption available
Water BathClosed loop water bath
Air wiperCompact Pneumatic air wiper
Strand pelletiserStainless Steel Body, Tool steel cutter, Individual drive for rotor and feed rollerFor pellet length from 2 to 4 mm

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