Installation & Commissioing

STEER provides technical support during pre-installation, to help the customers prepare the site for installation and commissioning of the equipment in a hassle free manner.

Services are available for Installation and commissioning of equipment at customer location, by the highly skilled service engineers. The site readiness checklist is provided to customers before the arrival of engineer, to ensure hassle free installation
and commissioning.

it is obvious that the equipment needs to be inspected at regular interval to monitor the performance, establish wear pattern in the elements and barrels & to detect possibilities of breakdown before it can actually occur. STEER offers inspection packages to perform inspections on behalf of the clients and report is presented giving clear picture about overall health of the equipment.

ANNUAL MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS: it is obvious that the equipment can breakdown during normal production due to wear and tear or poor maintenance. STEER offers non-comprehensive AMC packages based on the usage of equipment.

Service Visits
STEER provides excellent service by trained engineers during emergency and breakdowns. Service engineers are strategically positioned at different regions to cater to customer service in a shortest possible time. The services are offered at a reasonable price.

Retrofitment & refurbishment programs
It is obvious that the technology is advancing and STEER produces the equipment with latest know-how and state of the art technology. The equipments which are previously supplied and which are more than 5-10 years old can be made adopted with latest technology and features, through retrofit & refurbishment program. This will ensure enhancement in performance of the equipment & extended service life.






STEER offers excellent training to its customers by experienced faculties & engineers. The offered training can be a standard training program or can be customized to meet specific needs. Training can be provided at STEER or customer location, based on preferences.


STEER undertakes Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC’s) for extruders to ensure maximum productivity and minimum downtime. Details include;

  • Duration of the agreement is for the period of one year.
  • 4 inspections per annum will be conducted. Each visit will be for two days and two skilled personnel will be deputed on each visit.
  • Customer can conveniently schedule the periodic inspection visit one month in advance.
  • Detailed analysis will be conducted during each visit to generate inspection-diagnosis report.
  • In case of emergency or breakdown, our services will be available at an extra cost.
  • An emergency service can be set off against an AMC visit.
  • Customer will be briefed about latest technology and services and how to utilize them for optimum use of the extruder.

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