Shafts need to be carefully designed to transmit the right power and overcome the forces of extrusion. Further, selection of the right material is of prime importance in achieving optimum torque capacity.

STEER shafts are made with superior metallurgy from our very own state-of-the-art foundry, with full-fledged in-house treatment. Besides they are diligently designed and made with high accuracy. At STEER, we have the ability to machine any contour for any length. Our in-house torque testing facility helps rate the capacity of these shafts.


  • Superior metallurgy with in-house heat treatment
  • High accuracy with the ability to machine any contour for any length
  • In-house torque testing facility
  • STEER Breakaway Adpater with a ‘V-Notch’ , designed for additional protection. The adapter works like a fuse in conditions of high-torque levels, reducing damage and snapping the adapter to protect EPZ parts.

STEER manufactures exclusive shafts of required profile and geometry for all makes of twin-screw extruders.


Most commonly used shaft splines are involute, circular or straight increasing the stress concentration and causing severe damage to the expensive screw shaft, the screw elements and the gearbox during a surge in torque.

The STEER Continua Spline design, made of high alloy steel, reduces stress concentration. It has a shaft adaptor with circular rupture grooves. During a surge, only the shaft adaptor breaks at the groove preventing damage to the shaft, the elements and the gearbox.