Pet Foods and Aquafeeds

We provide twin screw extruders for the production of high-quality pet food and aquafeeds. Our extrusion technology allows for the precise control of the production process, resulting in products with enhanced nutrition and palatability.

Our extruders are designed to process a wide range of raw materials, including:

  • Animal proteins
  • Fishmeal
  • Plant-based proteins
  • Grains and cereals

Benefits of our extrusion technology for pet food and aquafeeds include:

  • Enhanced digestibility of nutrients
  • Improved texture and palatability
  • Customizable shapes, size, and texture
  • Low and high density granules for aquafeed

Our twin screw extruders allow for the production of a variety of pet food and aquafeed products, including:

  • Dry kibble for dogs and cats
  • Floating and sinking fish feeds for aquaculture
  • Nutrient-dense treats and supplements

Contact us to learn more about our pet food and aquafeed capabilities and how we can help you create nutritious and delicious products for your furry friends and aquatic animals.

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