Our extruders can be used to create high-quality textured vegetable proteins (TVP) and high-moisture meat analogue (HMMA) for plant-based meat and sustainable protein alternatives.


High Moisture Meat Analogue (HMMA)  

High moisture meat analogues (HMMA) are plant based or vegan protein based extruded products designed to mimic whole muscle meat with rich fibrous structure and match the water, protein and fat content of animal meat.

  • Our extruders can produce high-moisture meat analogue with a texture like real meat.
  • Our technology allows for the creation of a range of HMMA products, including chicken, mutton, beef etc and to further converting to burgers, sausages, and deli meats.
  • Moisture content of making HMMA varies between 50% to 80% based on type of proteins.


Dry Texturized vegetable Protein (TVP)    

  • A variety of dry TVP can be made possible in our extruders from small granules, flakes, chunks and strips.
  • TVP can be used as a meat substitute in a variety of food products, including burgers, tacos, nuggets, kebabs, etc.
  • Moisture content for making dry TVP varied between 20% to 40% depending upon the type of protein and product quality.

Customization and Services

With our technology, you can create these products efficiently and effectively, without compromising on quality or texture. Our team of experts can help you design a custom extrusion system that meets your specific needs.

  • Our extruders are designed for low and high-capacity production, making it ideal for both small and commercial food processing.
  • Our team of experts can help you develop custom formulations that meet your specific product requirements.

Reach our expert to know more about our technology.

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