The challenge to disperse a bundle of continuous glass filaments namely roving without attrition into the thermoplastic matrix is successfully achieved by the Co’ to obtain pipes & profiles of superior strength.

Steer Engineering achieved this success by processing the material in its Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruders using a patented Screw Geometry, involving patented wave elements. The process & the product are covered under a patent application, being the first Global effort in obtaining extruded LFRT (Long Fibre Reinforced Thermoplastics) products in a single step.

Product Range:

We have developed pipes & profiles with different polymer matrices like R-PVC, HDPE, PP, ABS, HIPS, PA6 & so on. They exhibit different properties, far superior to unreinforced versions. We have branded them as StarBheem, StarTrusst & StarLyht.

StarBheem products exhibit high impact strength to make durable furniture items.

StarTrusst combines rigidity & toughness making it suitable for load bearing truss designs for space frames & structures. StarLyht is the lightest pipe available for weight reduction of items like Wheel Chair, Walker, Stretcher Etc…

The Concept: The length of glass fiber in the plastic product decides the mechanical properties, particularly the Tensile Strength. Longer the fiber, better are the properties as enumerated in the chart below.

The SPIDER DIAGRAM above illustrates the superior balance of properties of G-PVC pipe over other types.

Improvements in the properties of the pipe reinforced with long glass fiber can be seen in the chart above, that compares glass reinforced PVC, C-PVC & Normal R-PVC pipe.

Product Commercialisation: Our Products are proven economical alternatives to GI pipes for green house frames, Hard wood for furniture, and MS/SS/Powder coated Al tubes for structural uses. They perform better in coastal areas that quickly corrode metals. They are much lighter & show superior resistance to termite/white ant attack in furniture. They can economically replace Pultruded sections for grids in acid environment & are contenders for poles & fences requiring insulation.