• Screw speed up to 1500
  • Highest torque/shaft- 350 Nm/shaft
  • Compact water cooled motor, easy to maintain, lower noise level
  • Sturdy gearbox with 18 Nm/cm3 torque density
  • Gearbox with temperature, noise measurement sensors
  • Best in class, STEER proprietary metallurgy for barrel liners and elements against abrasive wear
  • Shaft with special treatment to enhance fatigue and repture strength
  • Individual heater with fail detection
  • 20% increased barrel cooling efficiency
  • Operating pressure up to 150 bar
  • Built in Feeder integration feature for addition


  • Smaller foot print, Higher throughput
  • Ease of maintenance due to smaller foot print
  • Lower maintenance cost/kg
  • Lower connected load, lower power cost/kg
  • Lesser grade change time due to smaller foot print
  • Minimal wastage during purging/grade change over


  • Industry 4.O features for advance controls, intelligent compounding
  • Gearbox with monitoring system to predict service requirement
  • Remote trouble shoot assistance through Smart lens


  • Reinforced engineering polymer materials Nylon 6, PC, PEEk
  • Nano Materials: CNT, Graphene
  • Anti Microbial additive
  • Bio Polymers

Specifications TITAN 32

Extruder TypeSpecificationDescription
Barrel Diameter (D)32.4 mm
Screw Diameter Do)32 mm
Minor Diameter (Di)20.8 mm
Ratio Do/Di1.5
Centre Distance (CD)26.9 mm
Flight Depth5.8 mm
Ratio Do/Di40
Screw Speed (max)1500 RPM
Main Motor115 kW, 400 VAC, 63 Hz, 3PH, 1872 RPMELIN make, Water jacket cooled IC7A0W7.
Motor Drive ControllerAC Variable Speed Drive & PanelSchneider Make
Gear Boxwith lubrication oil cooling system. Vibration, temperature sensors to detect bearings conditionHenschel Make, Type: T4MAX 33 S-1.25, Ratio 1:1.25
Nominal TorqueMaximum upto 350 Nm/shaft
Specific TorqueMaximum upto 18 Nm/cm
Torque Limiter CouplingMechanical type with safety interlocks.Bibby Make
Centre Height1100mmCan be customized
Barrel TypeFlanged & Segmented barrel with replaceable liner
Screw Shaftspecial treated splined shaftFor Ultra-High Torque
Number of ZonesCooling & Heating – 8 Zones, Cooling only – 1 Zone (Intake Barrel), Heating Only – 1 zone (die assembly)20% increased cooling efficiency for each barrel. Independent controlled zone. Feed barrel cooling only.
Heating9 zones, total ~16 kW (Approximately)Cartridge heaters for efficient heating
Barrel Cooling UnitWater cooling basedTCU
Solenoid ValvesPiston typeJefferson Make, Longer life
Side Feeder1no., VSF 30 mounted on machine base Can be added based on Application
Vacuum Side StufferWR6 (ASP60)STEER Make
Barrel Liner – MoCWR5 (AISI A11)Barrel Casing- 20MnCr5
Screw element MoCWR5(AISI A11) with wear resistant coating for first compression & KB and rest WR5 (AISI A11)
Operator ControlsType-I Automation: Siemens S7 1500 PLC with 15” Industrial PCIPC- B&R Make
Devolatalization SystemDry Vacuum pump with Devol hood, cooling catch-pot, piping and gauges mounted on StandGardner Denver or Any other make
Melt Pressure Translator1 Ea., IncludedMelt Pressure sensor – Dynisco Make
Melt Temperature Sensor1 Ea., IncludedMelt Temperature sensor-NexThermal Make
Industry 4.0Industry 4.0 features for intelligent compoundingMelt Temperature sensor-NexThermal Make
Remote trouble shoot assistanceThrough Ewon modem, Smart lensRemote connect,assistence through Ewon modem, Smart lens
Application / OutputApplication: Nylon 6, 66, PBT, ABS, PC short Glass Filled (30%) **Output: Up to 350 kg/hr Actual rate dependent on specific energy, MFI, formulation, and bulk density of the materials to be processed.