STEER Gearbox

STEER’s gearbox is oil-cooled and the oil lubrication system includes heat exchanger, oil filter and oil circulation pump. Protections are built into the system to prevent operation under low oil levels, high oil temperature and low oil pressure. Besides high accuracy, superior metallurgy and a unique design ensure that the thrust washers have a much longer life. The engineering excellence of the STEER gearbox is the result of powerful structure members inside the equipment.


The STEER Gearbox is of a watch case design with a housing of multiple chambers, made of high grade casting, and uses hardened and ground gears of DIN5/DIN6. While most gearboxes without hardening, develop play and have to be used at reduced speed and torque, STEER Gearboxes are built for the fast lane with their ability to transmit higher torque, minimal axial play, minimum backlash and equal angular deflection, allowing for improved process capability applications.

  1. Center Distance: Range is from 10.5 mm to 48 mm depending upon TSE Models.
  2. Power Rating: Range is from 3 KW to 300 KW depending upon TSE Models.


At STEER we constantly invest in Research and Development. Our passion for Innovation and Research has led to the development of a special ultra high-torque gearbox for the revolutionary OMEGA H CLASS Twin-Screw Extruders. This product can process any tough material and at the same time maximise the output.

STEER manufactures robust heavy-duty gearboxes and is a preferred OEM for several global twin-screw extruder brands.