Extruder manufacturing in-house design force to custom release design specs for every twin screw extruder, made to order mechanical and electrical assembly


Deep knowledge on Material of Construction for Processing different applications in Polymer , Food, Pharma & Bio-material

we make our own steel

Twin screw continuous process

Effectively transform and functionalize Materials
Energy Efficient and Least deterioration in material properties

Intelligent Compounding

Machine Engineering

Precision Engineering , High quality finish , Robust performance

“Superior Performance”

Material Development Center

STEER’s Material Development Centre is to develop MOC differentiation for the TSE applications, ensuring better Performance, Durability & Reliability

STEER has the following testing facility for the material characterization

  • Spectrometer  Chemical Analysis
  • Metallography  Micro and Macro
  • Hardness Tester – Brinell & Rockwell
  • Impact Testing Machine
  • Bend Test – Three point contact
  • Corrosion Tests
  • Wear Tests

EPZ Manufacturing Bangalore, India

EPZ centre of excellence in Bangalore:

  • Manufacture of STEER elements & shafts both for captive use & for aftermarket supplies
  • Six sigma based manufacturing practices
  • Quality control

Foundry & Machine Shop Coimbatore, India

We make our own steel

  • Wear & corrosion resistant tool steel, called ‘Acrolloy’
  • in-house & proprietary process
  • used to manufacture the EPZ parts, namely elements, barrels & shafts.

State-of-the-art machine shop:

  • for manufacture barrels/ barrel liners
  • assembly of STEER ‘Hi-Torq’ twin-screw extruder gear boxes

Application Development Centers


At STEER’s Application Development Centers (ADC’s), competence arising from R & D and other technological forays are tested in real life scenarios, under actual production conditions. Each ADC is a center for progressive research and comes fully equipped with the latest in technology to help our partners and customers create new materials and solutions that help deliver outstanding value and create a better world. STEER has 4 state-of-the-art ADC’s, located in India, China, U.S and Japan.

Lean 6sigma manufacturing process and Process Scale-up

  • New product development using DFSS approach
  • Manufacturing Process optimization through LEAN sigma approach
  • Problem solving using DMAIT approach
  • Extensive usage of statistical tool
  • Database decision making