In a twin screw extruder, vacuum vent is generally located before the metering zone for removal of gases effectively in a continuous manner at lower than atmospheric pressure. This degassing helps to conserve the quality of the melt that is affected by the presence of monomers, solvents, moisture and other volatiles.

Vacuum vent stuffers are used to apply vacuum to the process section to remove gas entrainment in the melt while simultaneously preventing the melt from blocking the vent opening.

Advantages associated with the use of vent stuffers are:

  1. Improved volatile removal
  2. Decreased downtime due to vent blockage
  3. Higher quality and / or production rate.

The screws are decoupled from the gearbox output shafts via a connecting zone in the same manner as the extruder. This approach provides the ultimate degree of process flexibility, allowing for specialized configuration of the screw elements. The STEER side vacuum vent stuffer are fitted with high performance gearboxes with thrust bearing assemblies which provides the highest level of reliability and service life expectancy.

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