Fortification and analogue foods

We offer twin screw extruders for the production of fortified and analogue foods. Our extrusion technology allows for the precise control of the production process, resulting in products with enhanced nutritional profiles and textures.

Our extruders are designed to process a wide range of raw materials, including:

  • Legumes/Pulses
  • Cereals
  • Millets

Benefits of our extrusion technology for fortification and analogue foods include:

  • Enhanced nutritional profiles through the addition of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients for specific health claims
  • Improved texture and flavour
  • Extended shelf-life

Our twin screw extruders allow for the production of a variety of fortified and analogue foods, including:

  • Fortified rice kernels (FRK)
  • Rice analogues
  • Dal analogues for use in traditional dishes
  • Fortified cereals and snacks

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