STEER’s 21st century twin screw extruder technology brings a transformative solution to the food industry. With our precision engineering and cutting-edge controls, our technology enables efficient and precise food processing. STEER technology ensures optimal mixing, blending, and homogeneity, resulting in consistent and high-quality food products. We offer versatility in processing a wide range of ingredients, including grains, proteins, and additives, allowing for the creation of innovative and nutritious food formulations. The system’s advanced temperature and pressure control enhance food safety and preservation. STEER’s twin screw extruder technology opens doors to enhanced productivity, improved product quality, and increased sustainability in the food manufacturing sector.

Unique Features

  • High torque capability enabled by HT Gear Box
  • Self-wiping & clearances
  • Uniform gap (enabled by superior machining technology)
  • Fractional lobes for shear peak control
  • Ultra-high torque shafts with continua splines
  • Ability to work with sensitive materials
  • Enhanced process efficiency
  • High degree of customization
  • Higher throughput

Our Food Twin-Screw Extruders For Wider Customer Needs

Lab Scale Food Extruders

OMega 12 FP
0.2 to 2 kg/hr
OMega 20 FP
1 – 20 kg/hr

Commercial Scale Food Extruders

Commerical Scale
Capacity Range: 100 Kg/hr – 2000 Kg/hr

Above mentioned extruder sizes are standard, but it can be customized as per your production scale and food application

We also provide complete solution for your production facility.

Reach our expert to know more about our technology.

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