The Omega 12 FP Food Extruder is a lab-scale extruder ideal for research labs with a 12 mm diameter and a capacity of 0.2 to 2 kg/hr. This compact and versatile extruder is designed for various food applications.

Your advantages

  • Efficient formulation development: You can save time and money developing formulations for new food products. The extruder allows you to test different formulations and optimize your process parameters using as little as 100 grams of material per experiment.
  • Maximum flexibility: With 6 openings over the length of barrel makes it very flexible for adding different feed materials.
  • Easy-to-use interface: The extruder features a user-friendly touch-screen interface that makes it easy to operate and control. The interface includes an integrated feeder control, so you can adjust the feed rate to achieve the desired output.
  • Wide range of food applications: The Omega 12 FP extruder is ideal for a variety of food materials – proteins, starch, cereals, pulses, oil, etc.
  • Easy maintenance: The Omega 12 FP extruder is designed for easy maintenance, with removable product contact parts. This makes it easy to clean and maintain, ensuring maximum uptime and productivity.


  • High moisture extrusion for HMMA
  • Dry TVP
  • Direct and indirect expanded snacks
  • Pasta
  • Starch modification
  • Flavour encapsulation, etc.

Whether you are developing new food products or optimizing your existing processes, the Omega 12 FP Food Extruder offers a powerful and versatile solution. With its compact size, user-friendly interface, and wide range of food applications, it is the ideal choice for lab-scale food extrusion.

Screw diameter12 mm
Screw length (L:D)40
Screw speed1200 rpm
Max. torque2 x 16 Nm
Drive power4kW; 3Phase
Max. working temp.400 °C
Max. output0.1 – 2 kg/h (depending on raw material and application)
Segmented barrel/screwYes
Screw rotation/special featuresCo-rotating, horizontally split barrel
Feed sectionsMultiple feed section

Our Food Extruders For Wider Customer Needs

Lab Scale
0.2 to 2 kg/hr
Pilot Scale
upto 100 kg/hr
Commercial Scale
400 – 500 kg/hr

The above mentioned scales are standard extruders. We can also provide the customized scales for specific applications and capacities.

We also provide complete solution for your production facility.

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