SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1.20 can process all types and combination of thin walled /multi-walled plastic materials (films / fabrics / laminates) that are in PPEs and other Packaging materials.

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 accepts the material in a whole tied Large-sized garbage bags 60cm X 80cm from a Garbage Bin of Diameter 40cm X Height 45cm

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK 1 is a completely self-contained unit that requires “No sorting, No segregating, No washing, No drying, No shredding or No open-feeding”

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 runs on standard single phase 220V 15A power sockets

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 is only as big as a small refrigerator with the dimensions of W 150 cm X D 70 cm X H 185 cm

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 has UV lamps mounted both inside and outside of it to keep work area sterile. The UV lamps are motion sensitive. The UV lamps will turn off if a person enters the work area.

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 uses IoT enabled Service and Maintenance programs for ensuing worry-free operation.

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 has a noise level of less than 75 dB

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 outputs the material in the form of “Pellets” which are completely sterile and safe to handle.

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 can run 24 X 7 with minimum intervention. Intervention is required only for loading garbage bags Storing the recycled pellets already collected in a bag, replacing the pellet collection bag.

SAFEReCYCLER Infinity BK1 carries out Auto-shredding and Auto-pelletising apart from fusing and homogenizing all plastics materials into one.

Call us for Demo: +91-80-42723300

Call us for Demo | +91 80 42723300