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Thermal characterization

Thermal characterization or analysis involves the study of one or more properties of the material as function of temperature.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter* : (Q200, TA Instruments, USA) The analysis gives glass transition temperature, heat of fusion and crystallization, degree of crystallinity, oxidation induction time, curing behavior, heat capacity etc.

Thermo Gravimetric Analyzer* : (TGA 4000, Perkin Elmer) TGA is used to carry out ash content, decomposition temperature and pattern, composition in composites, moisture and/or volatile content. Also we have TGA hyphenated with FTIR

Flammability Tester : (SBT, Megatech Overseas (I) Ltd.) Resistance to propagation of flame of materials is determined by finding the horizontal burning rate of a test specimen. This test is very useful to study the nature of combustion process, establishment of a specification, and assessment of overall design for fire safety.

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