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Short term mechanical tests :

Short Term Mechanical tests include determination of mechanical properties where the effects of long times or cycles are not considered. These tests include tensile, compression, flexural, shear, tear, impact and hardness determination.

Universal Testing Machine (with environmental chamber and video extensometer* : (5569 A, Instron, USA) Also known as a universal tester, materials testing machine or materials test frame, is used to test the tensile strength, flexural strength, lap-shear, trouser tear, stress relaxation and compression strength of materials under ambient conditions as well as at higher temperature.

Pendulum Impact Tester* : (Impactor II, Ceast, Italy) The test is designed to give information on how a specimen of a known material will respond to a suddenly applied stress. The test ascertains whether the material is tough or brittle. A notched or un-notched test piece is employed and the two methods in general use are either the Izod or Charpy test.

Hardness Tester: (Shore A, Shore D, IRHD, Megatech Overseas (I) Ltd.) The hardness test is a valuable and most widely used mechanical test for evaluating the properties of metals as well as certain other polymeric materials. The hardness of a material usually is considered as resistance to permanent indentation.

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