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Equipments at PSDC

Sl.No. Type of test Equipments Model Supplier Standards followed Properties determined Technical Specification Testing timefor each batch
1 Processability study Melt Flow Indexer* 7026,Modular Melt Flow CEAST, Italy ASTM D1238 ASTMD3364(PVC) ISO 1133 Melt Flow Index (MFI)Melt flow rate (MFR)Melt volume rate (MVR)Melt density Maximum temperature: 400 °C,Maximum load: 21.6. kg, timemeasurement resolution 0.01 s,piston movement measurement resolution 0.02 mm, temperature stability in the barrel is ± 0.2 °C 30 min
Capillary Rheometer, Twin Bore Rosand RH2000 Malvern Instruments, UK ASTM D3835ISO 11443 Shear Rate Vs viscosity Shear Rate Vs Shear Stress Dies well Flow - no flow test Shear rate: 10 – 15000 sec-1, Maximum temperature 400 °C 30 min
2 Mechanical testing Universal Testing Machine* 5569 A Instron, USA ASTM D638 ASTM D882 ASTM D412 ISO 527 -(1 to 4) Tensile test at ambient and elevated temperature Min. load: 500 N, Max. load: 50 kN,Max. extension: 516 mm, Max.speed: 500 mm/min, Max. temp. of environmental chamber: 360 °C 30 min
ASTM D790 ISO 178 Flexural test
ASTM D695 ISO 604 Compression test
ASTM D3163-01 ISO 4587 Lap-shear test
ASTM D1004 ISO 6383-1 Trouser tear test
Impact Tester* Impactor II CEAST, Italy ASTM D4812 ASTM D256 ISO 180 Izod Impact Test (Notched & Unnotched) Max. hammer energy: 22 J, Max.impact speed: Charpyı m/s, Izodı3.46 m/s 30 min
ASTM D6110 ISO 179-1 Charpy impact Test (Notched & Un-notched)
Low Temperature Impact Freezer SR-LTH-90 Star refrigeration Low temp Impact test (-40°c to 20°c)
Hardness Shore A Megatech Overseas (I) Ltd. ASTM D2240ISO 7619ISO 868 Shore A hardness 0 - 100 Shore A
Shore D Shore D hardness 0 - 100 Shore D
IRHD ASTM D1415ISO 1818ISO 48 IRHD hardness 30 to 85 IRHD
3 Thermal analysis Thermo gravimetric analyzer* TGA 4000 Perkin Elmer ASTM E1131 ISO 11358 Ash Content Decomposition temperature and pattern Composition in composites Moisture and/or volatile content Temperature range: 30 – 1000 °C, Max Heating rate:200°C/min 3 h (It will varybased onheating rate)
ASTM E2105 TGA-IR hyphenation
Differential Scanning Calorimeter* Q200, Modulated DSC TA Instruments,USA ASTM D3418ISO 11357 - (1-7) Glass Transition Temp. Melting Point Crystallization Temp. Degree of Crystallinity (%) Temperature range: -90 °C to +450°C 60 min (Variesbased onheating rate)
ASTM E1269 Specific Heat Capacity
HDT / VICAT* 6921 CEAST, Italy ISO 75 - (1 to 3)ASTM D 648 Heat Distortion temperature Max. temp.: 250 °C, Max. load forHDT: 1820 MPa, Max. load for VST:50 Mpa 120 min
ASTM D1525ISO 306 Vicat softening Point
Muffle Furnace 1547 Technico, India ISO 3451-1 Ash Content Maximum temperature 1000 °C 120 min
4 Spectral analysis FTIR Spectrophoto meter Frontier Perkin Elmer ASTM E1252 Material identification Contamination analysis Wavenumber :4000-450 cm¯ 1 30 min
Color matching spectra photometer BGD556 Aadarsh-Bieuged ASTM E308, ASTME 313 To measure Delta E, L.A, B Yellowness index and whiteness Index Measuring Aperture- STX8mm / STX4mm, Repeatability - Standard deviation within △ E* a b 0.06 10 min
5 Electrical Properties Four Probe Electrical Resistivity Meter DFP- RMDMV- 001CCS- 01LCS- 02 SESInstruments Pvt. Ltd. ASTM D257 Electrical Resistivity Electrical Conductivity Temperature : 30 – 200°C 10-4 to 108 Ohm0 μA to 200 mA 60 min
6 Magnetic Properties Magnetic susceptibility meter MS3 Bartington Magnetic susceptibility measurement Range- 26 SI (volume specific), resolution 2x10^-6SI 1 min
7 Other Density Balance XS-204 Mettler Toledo ASTM D792 ISO 1183 Density Measurements Maximum weight: 220 g, d: 0.1 mg 15 min
Moisture Analyzer MA 150 Sartorius ASTM D6980 ISO 62 Moisture content Max Temperature:200°C 15 min
Centrifuge R-24 RemiInstruments Used to separate two immiscibleliquids Max Speed- 17300, Max. Capacity-400ML, Based on customer requirement.
Sonicator DT-151 D-Tech Instruments Used for dissolution, dispersion, degassing, cleaning etc. Capacity: 9 L, Operating frequency 33 +/-3 Khz, 250 W , timer range 0to 30/99 minutes, Based oncustomer requirement.
8 Sample Preparation Injection Molding Machine S Tech 100 L&T, India ASTM D3641ISO 294-(1 to 4) Injection Molding of Thermoplasticsfor preparingtest specimen for Tensile, Flexural,Impact, HDT,Compression, Flammability ( 0.8mm thickness), disc(100 mmdiameter) as per ASTM Maximum temperature: 400 °C, Maximum injection speed: 80mm/sec, Maximum injectionpressure 160 bar, Maximum dose:180 mm 30 min for easy processing and60 min for difficult processing
Mold Temperature Controller LTM 200 L&T, India Temperature Range - Ambient to190 degree C. Max. temp.: 150 °C, oil grade:Hytherm
Dehumidifier Dryer LMD 80 L&T, India For drying of Materials. Maximum temperature: 150 °C Depends upontype of Polymer(1-5 h)
CNC Milling Machine Minicut Vis CEAST, Italy For specimen Preparation as per ASTM &ISO standards from rigid material sheets Fraise head holder’s maximum linear speed 100 mm/s, Fraise head holder’s rotational speed 8000 – 24000 rpm 60 min
Hydraulic Press 193 International Equipments standards from rigid material Sample preparation as per ASTM &ISO standards from sheets sheets holder’s rotational speed 8000 – 24000 rpm Max capacity-5 Ton 10 min
Hollow Die Punch 6051 CEAST, Italy For cutting out test specimens fromfilm and thinsheets of various materials (rubber)using steel diesas per ASTM & ISO standards Punch Stroke:18mm, Manual force,Max Punch dimension:250*50(mm) 30 min
Notch cutter 6964 CEAST, Italy For making Notch for Impact testspecimen Cutting speed:12-42 m/min, minimum displacement:0.01 mm,sample max width:15mm, maxthickness:25 mm 20 min
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