STEER – Polymer Science and Diagnostic Center (PSDC) has got NABL accreditation for testing


Contributing to development of sustainable and environment friendly materials.


Understand problems by diagnosis and use testing as a tool to provide solutions for polymer processes and applications.

Generate knowledge, new ideas, develop technology and set up sponsored research programs to close gaps between knowledge and applications which would in turn contribute to improved quality of life and thus progress towards achieving Scientific Ascendancy.


Cater to the holistic needs of the polymer industry and the core issues relating to compounds and products and address their needs.

Be a complete solutions provider to the polymer industry, manufacturers of compounds, additives as well as products.

To address issues relating to life Cycle Analysis (LCA) and proactively educate, share knowledge on how to develop suitable materials that can make substantial difference to save the environment.

STEER is a globally acknowledged force in the twin screw extrusion technology and a creator of state-of-the-art products catering to the polymer, pharmaceutical, powder coating and food processing industries. Company designs, develops, manufactures and markets co-rotating Twin Screw Extruders, along with all its major components including EPZ products (Screw Elements, Barrels, Liners and Shafts), gearboxes and key peripherals. STEER serves the Plastic & Polymer, Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Paint & Powder coating industries in materials development through its own Application Development Center (ADC) and Polymer Science and Diagnostic Center (PSDC). STEER ADC and PSDC is one-stop complete solution for Polymer Industry for compounding and testing.

We have developed technologies for direct processing of long glass fiber reinforced thermoplastic (LFRTP), jute fiber reinforced thermoplastics, wood polymer composites, new blends of nylons, rigid and flexible PVC and high performance PE and PP based compounds for automotive as well as non-automotive applications. The above examples illustrate path finding leadership of STEER in material/ process/ applications development for the benefit of the industry in general & STEER�s customers in particular. These new applications create niche market for processors. With major investment in ADC and PSDC, STEER Engineering is at the forefront in supporting its customers.

STEER Bangalore unit
ADC and PSDC Scientists
Application Development Center(ADC)
ADC GMP Extrusion Zone

Application Development Centre (ADC) is where competence arising from research and development is tested in real life scenario.

ADC is equipped with several twin screw extruders that can produce compounds for R&D applications from 'gram' scale to 'ton' scale. The ADC has proven expertise in adding liquid and solid fillers to polymers including glass fiber, carbon and natural fibers, mica as well as silicones, oils, and foaming agents and very high filling of TiO2, & CaCO3. ADC experiments with different screw configurations in order to arrive at optimum results in quality, productivity and power consumption in a variety of formulations.

Key activities of ADC

  • New formulation development depending on the customer requirement
  • Optimizing screw configuration for new product as well as for existing product
  • Optimizing Formulations of already existing products
  • Optimizing process parameter for existing product in terms of out put and quality
  • Test runs in the laboratory and production facilities
  • A process database developed during the lab tests allows customers to take full advantage of the results from production and the tests.
  • Customer specific data are kept strictly confidential.

Facilities at ADC:

  • Production Scale Twin Screw Extruders
  • Lab Scale Twin Screw Extruders
  • Single Screw Extruders with Cast and Blown Film Lines
  • Up Stream and Down Stream Equipments: High speed mixers, Tumbler mixer, Dough Mixer, Gravimetric & Volumetric feeders, Liquid Dosing System, Fibre Delivery System, Air knife, Strand Pelletizer, Hot Die Face Cutter, Belt Conveyor, Pipe Line Downstream Equipment, Chilled air conveyor, Grinder
  • Others: Compression Press (120 Tons)

PSDC is a NABL accredited testing laboratory

ADC & PSDC staff room
PSDC testing laboratory-1
PSDC testing laboratory-2

The PSDC develops new material / new technology and performs testing & characterization of plastics, elastomers and their composites for both internal and external customers

Key activities of PSDC

  • Collaborative projects with different Organization
  • New materials and technology development.
  • Formulation, Compounding, Extrusion, Injection Molding, Testing and Characterization.

Facilities at PSDC:

  • Equipments to check Processability
  • Equipments to measure Mechanical Properties
  • Equipments for Thermal Characterizations
  • Equipment to Measure Heat Deflection / Softening Point
  • Flammability Tester
  • Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Tester
  • FT-IR Spectroscopy
  • Colour spectra photometer
  • Magnetic susceptibility meter
  • Equipments to measure Mass, Dimensions and Density
  • Equipment for Moisture Content analysis
  • Injection Molding Machine for specimen preparation
  • Various equipments for sample preparation


We have also a Chemical Laboratory for different chemical analysis


We have PDC equipped with HPLC, UV spectrophotometer, dissolution tester, disintegration tester, friability tester, flow tester, tap density tester, sieve analyzer, pH meter,

About PSDC